Admission & Discharge

Upon your arrival to the airport, a staff member will welcome you and facilitate your transfer.

We understand that patients who find themselves in another country have to cope with many difficulties; administrative and health related issues and we strive to be next to you in every step of your treatment, answering your questions and saving you from any unnecessary hassle.

That’s why upon arrival to the hospital, a dedicated personal assistant, who speaks your language, will welcome you and stay by your side in order to answer any questions you may have, provide interpretation services where necessary, accompany you to your appointments, help you understand all stages of the tests and treatment, and be at your service for anything you may require.

The IPC will have already scheduled all the necessary tests, so that they can be completed without any delay. Our hospitals’ state of the art equipment and our renowned medical will be at your disposal.

Accompanied by your personal assistant, you will meet the attending physician who will provide information about the treatment to be followed, as well as about the actions and time required for recovery after you leave the hospital.