Our History


Dr. George Apostolopoulos establishes Athens Medical Center in Marousi, Athens with three goals:

  1. “No Greek patient abroad”
  2. “Athens Medical Center’s doors are to replace the airplanes’ doors”
  3. “The big Rendezvous of Science with Technology” –  A meeting between high-caliber scientific personnel and cutting edge technology


The 1st in Greece angiographer with digital angiography and angioscintigraphy to operate in Athens Medical Center.


The 1st “Nursing Care” lab for hospital studies is set-up under the scientific direction of Professor and Academic late George Merikas.

A new, innovative department, Pain Center, is founded in order to relieve the pain of the critically ill patients.


Dr. George Apostolopoulos loyal to his vision to reverse the outflow of Greek patients abroad, at the end of the 80’s goes “one step ahead”, a private clinic and Emergency ambulatory service, with fully owned Ambulances, operating inside the largest state hospital of Moscow.


Medical Center Moscow is inaugurated. Among the attendees were Ministers of Health of Greece and Russia and the European union of private care.


Paleo Faliro clinic is established.

Athens Medical Group is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

The first factory in Greece and the fifth all over Europe for the production of surgical equipment is established in Corinth.


Athens Medical Center treats successfully, for the first time in Greece, brain and spinal cord vascular malformations.

Athens Medical Center establishes a full pediatric cardiac surgery department, a specialized Laser clinic and the reference center for allergic diseases.

In cooperation with National Technical University of Athens and the Technological Institute of Crete research on early cancer diagnosis and robotic interventional systems is launched. 


For the 1st time in Greece an aortic valve replacement to a 47 year-old man takes place using human valve (allograft) instead of artificial or biological.

A team of Athens Medical Center’s cardiac surgeons begins a research collaboration with the Institute of Heart and Lungs of University of London (Harefield), with Sir Magdi Yacoub in charge.


As part of the European Association of Applied Research in pediatric surgery, Athens Medical Center participates in applied research and retraining programs.

For the 1st time 3-D magnetic resonance angiography is performed.

For the 1st time in Greece a new method of corneal transplantation is performed.

The unique in Greece mobile preventive medicine unit is set to operate.


An agreement is signed between Athens Medical, Methodist Hospitals and General Electric.

Athens Medical Group’s Chairman, together with a 20-people specialized medical team, visits Gaza strip in order to provide patients care and education.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat assigns to Athens Medical a study on the organization of Palestinian National Health System in Gaza strip and West Bank.


In an area of 90,000 m2, the foundations are laid for European Interbalkan Medical Center, the most modern hospital in the country. Its operational space is 40,000 m2.

A network of Diagnostic Centers in Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, and Skopje is being developed.

The Cardiac Surgery team introduces for the 1st time in Greece the revolutionary “myocardial bypass with Laser”


Psychiko Clinic is inaugurated (acquisition of ex “Apollonio Therapeytirio”).

Athens Medical Group further expands its operations in the Balkans by establishing MEDSANA, its Romanian subsidiary.

For the 1st time globally an intracranial bypass to a rare aneurysm is being performed.


Forbes magazine includes Athens Medical Group in the global “300 Best Small Companies” list.

A small miracle, the reattachment of hand is performed in the ultramodern Upper End Surgery – Microsurgery department of Athens Medical Center.


The 1st multi-slice CT in Greece, and one of the first in the World is being installed in Athens Medical Center.

Athens Medical Center’s Maxillo-facial Surgery team succeeds in the first cancer removal in maxillofacial area.


European Interbalkan Medical Center is inaugurated, an ultramodern hospital that becomes a reference point for treatment and medical education in the Balkans and SE Europe. Imperial College of London declares it as the “most modern and comprehensive hospital in Europe”.

Award of “High quality of products and services” by the European Association of Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Athens Medical Group is included for the second time in the “300 Best Small Companies ” global list by the Forbes magazine.

Laparoscopic surgery treatments aided by an ultramodern robotic endoscopy system, guided by the surgeon’s oral commands, are performed for the 1st time in Greece.

Athens Medical Group is the 1st Greek company to participate in the DOW Jones Substantial 200 index.


Athens Medical Group is included for the third time in the “300 Best Small Companies ” global list by the Forbes magazine.

Paleo Faliro clinic’s second building is set up.

Romania’s Industrial and Commerce Chamber includes MEDSANA among the 10 best foreign companies in Romania.

Innovative operations for the treatment of abdominal aorta aneurysm are being performed.

Dr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos signs in London an agreement between Athens Medical Group and British Operations Abroad Ltd, for the treatment of British patients.


Dafne Clinic, the only specialized and modernly equipped nephrology center in Greece is established.

Athens Medical Group is included in the “200 Best Small Companies” in the world by the Forbes magazine.

Innovative transplant of human vessel.

The innovative bloodless spinal fusion method is performed.


For the 1st time in Greece a spleen and bladder removal with endoscopic laparoscopic method to a 10year-old child takes place in European Interbalkan Medical Center.

For the 1st time in Greece RF-assisted hepatectomy takes place.

The Ministry of Health selects the Department of Cardiac Arrhythmia Pacing and Electrophysiology of Athens Medical Center as the 1st private organization to be able to implant cardiac pacemakers.

“DOR operation”, a new innovative method for the patients who suffer from severe ischemic cardiomyopathy, is performed for the 1st time in Greece.

Medical equipment was donated through the Princess Katherine Foundation and a team of Athens Medical Group’s surgeons demonstrated new surgical techniques in the Clinical Center of Serbia.

“Excimer Laser” technique, a new method for treating occluded peripheral vessels begins is performed exclusively in Athens Medical Center.


Athens Medical Group is judged by the Organizing Committee of the 2004 Olympic Games to be the “most appropriate Medical Organization in Greece for the provision of medical services to the athletes that will take part in the games”.


The second MEDSANA diagnostic center of Athens Medical Group is inaugurated in Bucharest, Romania.

Athens Medical Group is included in the “Hot 100” listed companies in European stock exchanges by European Business Magazine.

Athens Medical Group is included in the “Superbrands” list, indicating its exceptional brand awareness in products and services.


The 1st in Greece ultramodern robotic, laparoscopic surgical Da Vinci system is installed and the 1st robotic cholecystectomy operation takes place.

The Siemens 1,5T Avanto Tim MRI is installed.


Peristeri Clinic is established.

Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, a top European Healthcare Group, becomes a shareholder of Athens Medical Group.

The Nuclear Medicine (radioisotopes) Lab of Athens Medical Center becomes equipped with the most modern PET/CT Camera.

 Athens Medical Group is included for the second time in the “Superbrands” list, indicating its exceptional brand awareness in products and services.

The most impressive attainment of Siemens, SOMATOM Definition CT, is installed is European Interbalkan Medical Center.


Athens Medical Group’s subsidiary company MEDSANA inaugurates its third Diagnostic Center in Romania.

The 1st laparoscopic hepatectomy takes place in European Interbalkan Medical Center.

Scientists of Athens Medical Center accomplish to create a new bladder.

For the 1st time in Greece a transvaginal laparoscopic cholecystectomy takes place with the use of non-flexible tools.


GAIA Obstetrics Maternity is launched.

Athens Medical Group is declared as the company with the best reputation in Healthcare services in Greece and as the fifth most globally, according to independent research GLOBAL PULSE 2009.

A surgical intervertebral disc removal at the base of the cervical spine of a 2 year, 3 month old infant takes place at Pediatrics Center of Athens.

The Hand & Upper Extremity Reconstructive Microsurgery performs successfully an innovative method of treating an extensive tumor on the hand of a young patient.

The General, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Clinic perform innovative Robotic Surgery operations to children.


Collaboration between GAIA Obstetrics Maternity and Fetal Medicine Foundation, London, the most pioneering research and training institute in fetal medicine.

The new Da Vinci Si HD is installed allowing the 1st Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) to take place in Greece.

The 1st, in Greece, robotic nephrectomy to a 7yr child is successfully carried out.


Athens Medical Center’s Hand Trauma Center is accredited as an Official European Hand Trauma Center by the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH).

The first Libyan severely wounded patients are transferred and hospitalized to our hospitals. The total number exceeded 3,500.

For the 1st time globally single site robotic surgery is performed in three international centers, one of which is Athens Medical Center. (Among others: global first in hysterectomy, removal of endometriosis ovarian cysts and removal of pericardial cyst).


A collaboration starts between Massachusetts General Hospital (M.G.H.) of Harvard Medical School and Athens Medical Group.

GAIA Obstetrics Maternity is relocated in Athens Medical Center’s premises.


Athens Medical Center and European Interbalkan Medical Center receive the Temos “Quality in International Patient Care” certification.

For the 1st time globally a robotic cholecystectomy to a 6month pregnant woman takes place in Athens Medical Center.

The Clinic of General, Laparoscopic, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery of Athens Medical Center is recognised as a Center of Excellence for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery by the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO).


Athens Medical Center, GAIA Obstetrics Maternity, Paediatric center of Athens, and European Interbalkan Medical Center are among the “Best Hospitals Worldwide”.

Athens Medical Group receives the upgraded Temos “Excellence in Medical Tourism” certification.

The Network of Athens Medical Group’s Associating Diagnostic Centers and Doctors outside Athens and Thessaloniki, increases with unprecedented speed, reaching 390 Diagnostic Centers and 2,500 doctors and becoming the largest of its size in Greece. 

Athens Medical Group, in cooperation with the most important medical education bodies inaugurates the yearly Continuing Medical Education Program, a program with very high credit-approval score (66 credits EACCME- Continuing Medical Education by the Greek Medical Association).

For the 1st time globally a single site robotic right colectomy and takes place at Athens Medical Center.


A Memorandum of Cooperation is signed between the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Athens Medical Group.

The Department of Preventive Medicine, Wellness and Longevity is launched in Paleo Faliro clinic.

The 1st Rare Diseases department is launched.

Operations for the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation with the newest 3rd generation cryotherapy system are performed in Athens Medical Center for the 1st time in Greece.

The specialized department of Arthroscopic Hip Surgery is launched in European Interbalkan Medical Center.

Athens Heart Center is inaugurated.

The 1st Pelvic Floor Lab in Greece is launched together with the new specialized department of Colorectal Surgery.

1st globally robotic treatment of sportsman’s hernia.

The 1st robotic single site urology operation in SE Europe takes place in Athens Medical Center.

For the 1st time Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision operations for the treatment of rectal cancer are carried out.

Complete pelvic floor repair takes place for the 1st time.

For the 1st time in Greece implantation of subcutaneous defibrillation system to patients with inherited disease takes place at Athens Medical Center.